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Classic Chinese delicacies are absolutely flattering on everyone's taste-buds? Isn't it? So, you should now hurry up and order our Chinese takeaway menus. Wondering which recipes are available to enlighten your taste-buds? You can order our Chef's Specialities, such as Crispy Chicken in Chilli Sauce, Shredded Crispy Beef in Chilli Sauce, and Chilli, and Salt & Pepper Chicken etc. To enjoy the authentic taste and flavour of our preparations, you are requested to order our Chinese Dishes. You can now order a whole bunch of Chinese Dishes like Roast Duck Chinese Style, Roast Pork & Chicken Chinese Style, and Roast Chicken Chinese Style. You may even order different types of Curry Dishes from us too. The available recipes of our Curry Dishes are Roast Pork Curry, Mushroom Curry, and House Special Curry. Other than the aforementioned recipes, you can order our delectable Starters. The recommendations for our Starters are Pancakes For Aromatic Duck, Crispy Aromatic Duck, and Prawn Crackers. Each of our recipes is so delicious that your taste-buds are bound to be enriched for a memorable food experience. Also, we request you to order some of the following menus -- Chop Suey Dishes, Kung Po Dishes, and Foo Yung Dishes. What's more, you can order our incredible preparations for the classic Malaysian Dishes i.e. House Special Satay, Roast Duck Satay, and Chicken Satay.

About Yummy Oriental Redcliffe

Yummy Oriental is the best place for ordering the salivating preparations of the Chinese takeaway menus. For example, you can order different types of Chef's Specialities, Chinese Dishes, and Chow Mein Dishes from us. In fact, we have already provided you with a short glimpse of our available Chinese recipes in the menu catalogue. Well, you should feel free to check our menu section from where you can choose your favourite menus. Once you have picked these delectable dishes, you are requested to hurry up and confirm an order without any hesitation. Rest assured that our menus can always provide you with a truly lip-smacking food experience. Be it the Chinese delicacies or Malaysian menus -- our recipes are prepared in such a way so that your taste-buds are bound to offer you a soul-satisfying food experience.

Restaurant location Yummy Oriental Redcliffe

After a prolonged and hectic day, if you are excited to try out some delectable Chinese recipes, then you're requested to place an online order with us. You can place the orders through our mobile app. The best part is that you can now download the required mobile app on your smartphone irrespective of whether it's an Android device or iOS gadget. Please navigate to Google Play or App Store to download the apps. Once you have placed an order via our app, then you can visit our Redcliffe-based outlet. The complete address of our outlet is 4 Freeling House, Prewett Street, Redcliffe, BS1 6RE. Place an online order with us via our apps and opt for the takeaway device. Alternatively, you can even opt for our doorstep delivery service too for a more convenient experience.

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